Campus Band homework Week 9

Hi Campus Band,

Fantastic rehearsal today- our best yet! I’m so proud of you all for the work you have done- you have all improved so much in the past week.

Continue to work with your instrumental teacher on it slowly and see if you can get all the way through. Next week we will try the bridge section and finish off the end of the chorus.

Again, congratulations on an excellent rehearsal.

Mrs Cannizzaro

Junior Choir homework Week 9

Hi Junior Choir,

We had a very good rehearsal today and I am looking forward to our performance next week!
Please rehearse Ipharadisi with the actions at home or with others. Remember that we need to keep the actions until the last verse only!

Next week our rehearsal time has changed. We will meet at 10:15 on Wednesday to prepare for our performance the next day.

Thank you,
Mrs Cannizzaro

Senior choir homework Week 9

Hi Senior choir,

Homework for Week 9:

– Rehearse, rehearse, rehearse Jetman words for performance next week. Your teachers have a word document with the words on it if you don’t have a book. Today especially it was clear that we need to work on the second verse and knowing when the claps/spoken “Jetman” bits are.

– Please look at Number 3 Ngarra Burra Ferra. Listen carefully to the whole song.

Fantastic rehearsal today, every week you are improving and really working well.

Mrs Cannizzaro

A bit of band fun!

The Campus Band has 21 students, playing a variety of instruments. We have guitars, keyboard, flute, violin, recorder, trombone and drums- a very eclectic mix! The range of abilities is quite varied but we are all working well together and some of the students with more experience are stepping up to be wonderful leaders and helpers. Here we are at rehearsal today! OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Choir on Campus

Our Senior choir has been rehearsing beautifully and working really hard to learn new songs this term. For many students, singing in a choir is a new experience, so we’ve learnt all kinds of new skills along the way. We have nearly 80 students in our Senior choir, and we sing pieces in 2-part harmony. We are currently learning the 2014 repertoire for the Festival of Music. Check out these few pictures from rehearsal this morning!Senior Choir rehearsal 19/3 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Senior choir homework Week 8

Hi Senior Choir,

Excellent rehearsal today! Your homework for week 8 is:

Jetman- learn the words from memory ready to perform in Week 10.

Turn the Beat Around – check out all three choruses and find the differences between each… I’ll ask next week and the first student to tell me the correct answer will win a prize!

Lady of the Sky- listen to it all, but especially focus on the part we learnt today (from “over stony ridges”). There are some beautiful solo moments in this song, if you are interested in auditioning for a solo then please have a look at this one.

See you next week!

Mrs Cannizzaro