Year 3/4 compositions Week 5

This week the Year 3 and 4’s have been working to add rests into their compositions. Their task was to create a rhythmic pattern and repeat it to create a cohesive composition. Some of the best examples are below, we hope you enjoy listening to them!

Niamh and Jasmine:











Campus Band Week 4 Term 2

Hi Campus Band,

A good rehearsal this week but we need to be better prepared- this week we spent a long time getting set up and this isn’t normally the case. Please have a look at the new song, it is very simple and shouldn’t take too much rehearsing.

I am really happy with our song for Instrumental Night!

Mrs Cannizzaro

Year 3 and 4 Compositions

The Year 3 and 4s on Campus have been composing their own music! This week we have been experimenting with different kinds of notes. Their task was to create a composition but they could only use one kind of note (rhythmic value) in each bar. Would you like to hear some? Click on the links below!

Alana Year 3

Charlotte Year 3

Casey Year 3

Kayla Year 4

Vanessa Year 4

Haotian Year 4

We hope you enjoyed listening to these fantastic compostions!

Senior Choir Term 2 Week 4

Hi Senior Choir,

Great rehearsal today, you are sounding excellent. Some things to remember

– Homework: look at the ooh and aah part in the middle section of Take to the Sky
– Rehearsal in week 5 will be on Monday for everyone
– Wednesday Week 5 Thiele assessment- be ready to sing!

Thank you,

Mrs Cannizzaro


Dear Senior/Junior choir students,

Auditions will take place in week 4 for solos for Instrumental Night.

Senior Choir- Tuesday lunchtime in the PAC. Please prepare one of the three songs.
Junior Choir- Thursday lunchtime in the PAC. Please choose which song you are auditioning for.

Good luck everyone!!!

Mrs Cannizzaro

Junior Choir Term 2 Week 3

Dear Junior Choir,

Well done on a good start to Term 2. We have two pieces for Instrumental Night that we need to learn from memory as quickly as possible. Please do some work at home to help with this.

Two things:
– remember to bring back your permission slip for Instrumental Night
– if I gave you a colouring in picture, can you please bring it back next week?

Thank you,

Mrs Cannizzaro

Campus Band Term 2 Week 3

Hi Campus Band,

Remember that next week we start our new piece, so please make sure you have a look at it.

Please try to be on time for rehearsals so we can get organised quickly. Our song for Instrumental Night is sounding great. Please remember to bring back your permission slip!

Mrs Cannizzaro