2016 will be a busy, exciting year for Performing Arts on Campus. We offer many wonderful opportunities for students in the form of comprehensive classroom Performing Arts lessons, a vibrant Instrumental Music Program, groups/ensembles such as Senior and Junior Choirs, Drama Club, Troupe, and Campus Band, and a multitude of performance opportunities throughout the year that include Campus Fair performances, Instrumental Music Night, Campus Showcase, Adelaide and Southern Music Festivals, and individual school musicals and performances.


Instrumental lessons

We currently offer Recorder lessons from Year 2, and flute, keyboard/piano, ukulele, guitar, voice, saxophone, clarinet, drums, violin, viola and cello lessons from Year 3 onwards. If you are interested in your child learning an instrument (including voice), please drop in to the Campus Office to collect an Instrumental Music Student Information booklet.


Bands & Choirs

To participate, students need to commit to a full year’s participation, including performance attendance, and a small fee will be charged to cover resources/transport/ensemble T-shirts, etc. Students are required to attend rehearsals promptly and regularly, to bring their music with and to catch up any class work missed as required.


Junior Choir is open to all students in Years 3-5

Senior Choir to all students in Years 6-7 (compulsory for all Year 6 students).

Campus Band is open to suitably skilled students in Years 5-7 – these students must have learnt their instrument for at least a year and be able to read basic notation/chords/tab.


Rehearsals are held in the PAC as follows: Senior Choir Wednesdays 9.15-10.05am, and Campus Band Thursdays 12.10-12.50pm, Junior Choir Thursdays 1.30pm- 2.20pm.


Drama Club

Our theatrically-minded students have the opportunity to develop their dramatic skills with the talented Ms Lauren Hood, participating in a range of drama activities and performance opportunities. Drama Club is open to Year 5-7 students this year, and the club meet Thursday lunchtimes in the Performing Arts Centre. Students are required to commit to a full year’s participation to be involved.


Campus Troupe

Troupe is open to all Year 5-7 students with an interest in dance, movement and/or choreography. Troupe sub-groups from each individual school also have rehearsal and performance opportunities. Campus Troupe rehearse on Tuesday lunchtimes in the PAC. Performances throughout the year will include Campus Fair, Showcase, and school and/or Campus assemblies.


On behalf of the Campus Performing Arts and Instrumental teaching staff, I wish you all a fun and fantastic year of Performing Arts experience!