Campus Performing Arts SHOWCASE 2015

In the final week of last term, Campus hosted our Performing Arts Showcase. Both our matinee and evening performances were well attended, with audience members thoroughly enjoying the show. The opportunity for students to perform in solo, duo, small and large ensembles (our final act saw over 140 students on stage together) is a fantastic part of what we do in Performing Arts on Campus, and it was a pleasure to display our students’ talents in music, dance, and drama. Our sincere thanks go to the many staff, students and parents who supported this event, giving their time and talents to make this one of our most successful Showcases yet…


The photos below were taken by the wonderful Andrew Harris on the night:IMG_7332 IMG_7028 IMG_7152 IMG_7034 IMG_7054 IMG_7078 IMG_7160 IMG_7200 IMG_6990 IMG_7237 IMG_7351

Campus Band Week 4 Term 2

Hi Campus Band,

A good rehearsal this week but we need to be better prepared- this week we spent a long time getting set up and this isn’t normally the case. Please have a look at the new song, it is very simple and shouldn’t take too much rehearsing.

I am really happy with our song for Instrumental Night!

Mrs Cannizzaro

Campus Band Term 2 Week 3

Hi Campus Band,

Remember that next week we start our new piece, so please make sure you have a look at it.

Please try to be on time for rehearsals so we can get organised quickly. Our song for Instrumental Night is sounding great. Please remember to bring back your permission slip!

Mrs Cannizzaro

Campus Band homework week 10

Hi Campus Band,

Well done on another excellent rehearsal this week. It will be our last for this term as Campus assembly is next week in our rehearsal time. Keep rehearsing and taking the music to your teacher. We are nearly there but there are a few parts where we nearly fall apart, so it’s important to keep pushing yourself to get better and better. Don’t let your brain go to mush over the holidays!!!

Next term I will have some new repertoire to learn and we will start organising some performances!

Well done on an excellent term 1!

Mrs Cannizzaro

Campus Band homework Week 9

Hi Campus Band,

Fantastic rehearsal today- our best yet! I’m so proud of you all for the work you have done- you have all improved so much in the past week.

Continue to work with your instrumental teacher on it slowly and see if you can get all the way through. Next week we will try the bridge section and finish off the end of the chorus.

Again, congratulations on an excellent rehearsal.

Mrs Cannizzaro

A bit of band fun!

The Campus Band has 21 students, playing a variety of instruments. We have guitars, keyboard, flute, violin, recorder, trombone and drums- a very eclectic mix! The range of abilities is quite varied but we are all working well together and some of the students with more experience are stepping up to be wonderful leaders and helpers. Here we are at rehearsal today! OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA