year 3 compositions

Here are some more compositions from our Year 3 students. We have focused especially on the form and pattern of music. Some examples of our work are below:






Year 3/4 Compositions Week 7

This week the Year 3 and 4s have been learning about different time signatures. We have experimented this week using 3/4 time and seeing how this changes our composition. Enjoy!!!


Rosie & Bethany:


Jem & Leon





Year 3 and 4 Compositions

The Year 3 and 4s on Campus have been composing their own music! This week we have been experimenting with different kinds of notes. Their task was to create a composition but they could only use one kind of note (rhythmic value) in each bar. Would you like to hear some? Click on the links below!

Alana Year 3

Charlotte Year 3

Casey Year 3

Kayla Year 4

Vanessa Year 4

Haotian Year 4

We hope you enjoyed listening to these fantastic compostions!

Term 1- What’s been happening?

This term in music, the Year 5, 6, and 7 students have been undertaking “The Pirates of Penzance” Project! Each week students have listened to a part of this operatic score, reading the complicated music whilst listening to a recording. We have encouraged questioning and discussion to help students discover more about written music, with a focus on basic music theory, and musical terms and symbols. In week 10 students were treated to a surprise performance of The Pirates of Penzance by a local company. After the performance they were asked to answer three questions… see their responses below!

Which parts of the Pirates of Penzance did you find interesting? Why?

I thought that The Major General and The Pirate King’s “orphan” and “often” conversation was very funny but sometimes it was hard to know which orphan/often they were saying. I also liked it when the girls, the people playing Mabel, Kate and Edith, dressed up as pirates in the song “With Cat Like Tread”, it was quite funny.-Jenna

I enjoyed hearing them sing all the different songs, their acting was very good, nobody messed up their lines and they all were very funny with their expressions when something different happened!- Meagan

When there weren’t enough actors so the girls had to tuck their dresses up and put a fake beard on and they came into the audience– Scarlett

I found the part where the where the Major General sang interesting because he sang amazingly fast, which to me was astonishing. -Francesca

I found it interesting when the major general sang the really long fast song and had a pause and said “um what rhymes with that?”- Eloise

The bit I found interesting was when the pirates jumped out into the auditorium, which surprised some of us.-Jack

The part I found most interesting would have to be the part where the pirates tell Frederic he was born in a leap year which meant he had only had 5 birthdays yet he was way older than 5 years old! I never really thought of it that way but now I know!:D –Ronan

When Frederic saw the girls about to take off their shoes, and he fell in love with the girl in a pink beautiful dress.-Charne

The part I found most interesting was when Frederic found out he was still 5 because he was born on a leap year.-Skye

The police singing the “tarantara” song. Maci

The part I found most interesting was how high they could sing.The reason why is because I never heard people sing that loud before– Mikayla

Mabel’s song because it was very catchy and sounded pretty cool and it made me want to sing it everywhere I went.-Zac

The part where they yield in Queen Victoria’s name, I didn’t think that would happen, a pirate wouldn’t really do that.-Thomas

That they think ankles are racy.- Maxim

The part when Frederic comes out from hiding to stop the girls from showing their ankles to go in the water. it was really funny!-Ashleigh

I think the most interesting part of the story was when Ruth the pirate said that she was beautiful but when Frederic saw Mabel he knew that she was lying. –Daniel

The parts where Mabel sung her high notes was very amusing and the bit when Frederick had to come back to the pirate ship.-Patrick

I found the whole performance interesting, I really liked the singing. It was very inspiring for me, because I enjoy singing a lot and am in a couple of choirs. I really like the Paradox song because I found it really funny when Fredric was laughing along with them because he didn’t really get the message of “you have to go back to being a pirate now!” I also liked the ending because I found it very sweet that Mabel would have waited for Fredric until he wasn’t a pirate anymore. –Brenna

I found the part when Mabel was singing her part really high for a long time interesting because it would have been really hard to sing for that amount of time. and when I tried to do it after the performance I could barely do it.-Sarah

I liked the part when the Major General came in and sang his song. I also liked that throughout the whole play everyone was making a fool of themselves but especially the rich people. Another bit that I liked was the part that the Major General was crying and sobbing. But I have to say that I enjoyed the whole play!- Grace

I found how the singers didn’t use microphones interesting because you could still hear every word they said and it would seem hard having to sing that loud without shouting. Also, I found that the actors used the area well and didn’t just use the stage and I found that interesting.-Hannah

I liked the part at the end were everyone was a pirate because the music was loud and exciting and because the performers interacted with the people but the best part was when a pirate came really close to me and it was very funny-Seth

The part that I personally found interesting was when “Mabel” AKA Mrs Cannizzaro came out of the black crinkly curtains and sang her name out. Her voice goes up one step then another than another and then it starts going down one step and then another and then up again. It kept on happening until she finished saying her name. I really enjoyed it and it was interesting as I wondered how you would control it? -Isabell

I loved the part when Fredrick finds out that he was born in a leap year and he’s actually five. I also like the song that they sing for that part. It had such a nice melody and tune.-Emily




How has your opinion of opera changed this term?


I loved learning about opera and would be glad to learn it again. – Dearna

A lot, I used to just say “phoff, I don’t care” but now I remember the Pirates of Penzance.-Byron

Opera can be interesting, funny, weird and sometimes boring. It changed because it is more beautiful than I thought.-Elliott

It has changed big time.-Ethan

I thought that opera would be a bit boring but now I love it because I love singing and now I love opera!-Abbey

It has changed by a lot because I never thought opera singers could sing so beautifully that it could make me cry! –Hannah

My opinion of opera changed when I started to understand what they were actually saying, and that was because I practised reading the notes and knew what speed they were singing at.-Chloe

I found opera really interesting this term and would like to do it again.-Jordan

A lot. At first I thought opera was just well… singing noisily in a screaming way.-James

Yes, In fact I now listen to it on the radio and my mum buys me opera music on Itunes.-Kayla

My opinion of opera has slightly changed this term now having in mind that opera can be funny. I used to think that opera was very serious most of the time which prevented me from liking it.-Neneh

At the start of this term when we got told that this we were going to have our music lessons this term be based on choir I was not looking forward to it because from my experiences I have been bored and haven’t enjoyed it. But on the third week of music I had started to reallllllllllyyyy enjoy choir. I found that I needed to learn more about music and through this term I really learnt heaps about how to read music and what a lot of what some words mean. It was a great opportunity to be able to get to watch the performance of Pirates of Penzance. So thankyou Mrs Cannizzaro. -Sarah

I liked the “Pirates of Penzance” it gave me and prospective on opera singing and now I’ve heard that im starting to like choir.-Isabell

Firstly I thought that all opera singers were very old but that was because I hadn’t really seen any opera performances. I like it a lot better also because you can sing lively songs in opera but I thought you could only sing slow songs.-Natalie

I think I would like more Gilbert and Sullivan productions-Davis

Well I do have to say that at times I found it a bit boring but I enjoyed most of it. And it was a good change because it was something that we haven’t really done before. –Grace


What have you learnt during this term in music?


Understanding more advanced words in music and seeing it come together.-Lottie

I have learnt lots of music and notes and I think it will help me with learning the drums!-Daniel

I have learnt about new music notes that I didn’t know about last year and helped me to understand my violin music a lot more.-Cara

I have learnt how to read some music and what symbols and words mean.-Imogen

I have learned that you should try to take in and learn things by understanding them and getting used to them. -Chloe

This term I have learnt to follow along with the music and what some of the notes and symbols mean. –Zac

I think I have learnt a lot this term about music. My mum says now I know what most notes mean she might teach me piano. James

I didn’t do this type of music in my old school so I learnt a lot of new things. -Maddie

I have learnt a how to read music better. Tarni

I have learnt a lot about listening to music and looking out for pauses and how to see where the music will get louder or faster. I have also learnt what things you need to have when you write a song. Ashley

I have learnt a lot this year like how to read music and music symbols. I think this is the most I have ever learnt about music and really enjoy it more now than I ever have. -Lauren

I learnt how to read music a bit better and I learnt some of the notes that I never understood but now I know I’m getting better.  -Shinae

I’ve learnt a lot of things like how to read music, what the symbols mean and what certain words mean. I think music was really fun this term.-Meg

I’ve learnt many more terms used for music pieces and I am enjoying choir more than I thought. Seeing the Pirates musical was definately a huge highlight and it was fun noticing the things we learnt in class in the songs. –Amelia

I have learnt a lot more about reading music and finding where I am in the music. I think my flute playing has improved a lot this term now that I can understand what I am playing. Doing theory has definitely made it easier for me to play flute and I find that I am practicing more now that it is so easy. –Natalie

I have learnt this term, that it’s not just what you like, it’s about having a go. If you never try, then it won’t be an easy life. It’s great fun trying new things and feeling new feelings. I have never felt so easy about trying new things, I guess that I might try new things more often now. You never know ’till you try.-Evie

I learnt lots about some of the parts of the sheet music I didn’t know before and I have also learnt lots of opera words I haven’t heard before. Overall I found this a really fun term and want to do heaps more to build onto what I have learnt as this is my favourite subject.-Bek

Lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots-Lachlan


I’m so glad you have all had a wonderful term 1 in music! Happy holidays!!!

Mrs Cannizzaro